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Below are links to the ThinkTank SFI, dr. Edward de Bono's User Manual and my Lateral Thinking The Definitive Guide eBook

Think Tank SFI (Software For Innovation)

Think Tank SFI is for your mind power, what weight lifting is for your physical power.  

Dr. Edward de Bono is an international authority on the thinking process and creative thinking in particular. He identified "lateral thinking" which is the process of being creative. was so impressed with the original Think Think he wrote this Instruction Booklet for it.   

Knowledge is power only when it is put into action. You already have all the knowledge to you need to solve any problem you and likely all of mankind will ever face. You only need to access and combine your knowledge in new and different ways.    

Your Course Instructor

Wayne Russell

Wayne is an adventurer and serial entrepreneur. He believes the meaning of life, our reason for being here is to acquire knowledge through experience. Wayne has traveled to various remote, hostile areas of the planet, testing his endurance and conquering his fear. Spending 6 months with Buddhist Monks, learning the ancient practice of Akashic Meditation, Wayne experienced a life changing event when he joined the monks on a sacred journey traveled by months for thousands of years up the tallest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon 

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