At our core, there are three essentials we require to stay alive, food (nutrition), water (clean water) and air (breathable air).

We can go without breathing for only a few minutes before we die. We can go without water for a week or so then we expire. And we can go without food for about a month before we perish.

These three components are the essentials to our existence.

If we use time to compare the life giving energy contained in the three essentials we can easily see that breathing provides 1400 times more life giving energy than drinking water and 12,000 times more life giving energy than eating food.

It comes as no surprise that breathing is exponentially more important than food or water.

Yet in today’s modern world the one thing people think about the most is food, they give little thought to drinking clean water and NO thought to breathing.

We are born into this world, given a slap on the bum to kick start our lungs and that’s about it. Breathing is taken for granted from that moment on.

Of the three we constantly think of food, when we do, it’s is more about cravings and flavors rather than nutrition. No wonder obesity is rampant in modern cultures. Only in recent years has a small percentage of the population started to pay attention the nutritional value of what they consume.

Most people still eat for pleasure and enjoyment assuming “someone else” is looking out for their nutritional requirements. The common misconception is, “if its sold as food it must be OK.”

Water contains almost ten times more life giving energy than food using our “time” scale.

Most people get the majority of their water intake from a slew of different beverages consumed throughout the day. From a morning cup of coffee to a weekend cocktail or beer people drink for pleasure more so than for the live giving energy their body needs. Enough clean water is almost never consumed on a daily basis by most people. At least, not as the primary source of this imperative essential. It is no wonder disease is rampant!

Then there is breathing, thousands of times more powerful than the other two essentials. When is the last time you gave conscious thought to your breathing?

Have you ever?

Not likely

Breathing with intent and focus may be one of the most profound changes you can make to your health, energy level and vitality.

Athletes take note, I am in good health but I am no athlete. I do not exercise intently everyday, (but I’m now working on).

That being the case, when I first practiced the breathing technique you are about to discover with intent, I did so continuously for three days. On the fourth day I woke up with so much energy I had to release it!

So without any preparation or warmup I completed, out of the blue, a sprint triathlon.

If you don`t know, a sprint triathlon consist of swimming 750 meters, cycling 27 kilometers and running 5 kilometers in one continuous effort. I finished the triathlon astounded at what I had just done and feeling completely capable of going further. No huffing and puffing, no aches or pains, just pure euphoric energized joy!

I was amazed!

Breathing with intent does not mean hyperventilate. Breathing with intent means to focus on your breathing.

There are four patterns you can breath through. In through your mouth and out through your mouth, in through your mouth and out through your nose, in through your nose and out through your nose and in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Focus should be given each day to breathing through these four patterns in the order they are given. Slow deep breaths holding your tongue lightly against the roof of your mouth all the time. Focus on feeling this life giving energy reaching ever cell in your body. When possible focus like you are meditating on this.

These breathing patterns do a lot more than just energize our body, they also energize our mind. Our brain transmits and receives brain waves called Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta. There is much to be discussed about these brain waves which is a subject for another post but for now breath with intent and stay focused!

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