Lateral thinking is about exploring common beliefs and facts in order to find innovative ideas that advance the “status quote”.

You challenge common beliefs and facts by looking at them from different points of view to see if there is something there you never seen before. This is called lateral thinking, a characteristic that differentiates a genius from the rest of us.

This post applies lateral thinking to life, all life, where life came from and why life exist.

Let’s start with a few facts.

Most people accept, as fact, all matter is made of atoms, agreed?

There are currently 96 atoms on the periodic table that represent all the known elements that make up all matter… only 96.

Science has determined that all atoms are 99.99% empty space.

If atoms are 99.99% empty space, than you, me and everything else, ALL MATTER is almost entirely EMPTY SPACE.


You, me, everyone else and the world we live on appear far from being empty space?

Yet the facts don’t lie, (or so we think).

While common belief is we exist in a physical world, lateral thinking reveals there is NOTHING physical about it, only 0.01% is physical at most!

So what does this mean?

What fills the 99.99%?

Energy, energy fills the 99.99%.

If gold was only 0.01% pure we would not accept it as gold so why should we easily accept we are physical when it is scientifically clear we are not?

We are energy, in an energy filled world in an energy filled universe. There is almost nothing physical about any of it, nothing at all.

Our five senses, (there is a sixth) are energy sensors rather than physical sensors. Our eyes do not see the 0.01% that is physical, our eyes see the light energy that is reflecting off of the energy filling the empty void.

When we touch we do not touch the 0.01% that is physical, our energy interacts with the energies we come into contact with.

In fact, the distance between the atoms that make up our bodies and any surface we are in contact with is so vast, on an atomic scale, it would be comparable to hundreds, even thousands of miles apart on a better understood scale.

The same is true for our tongue, nose and ears.

All energy detectors.

There is a sixth sense but that is another subject for discussion that can not be properly addressed here.

Life is a very special energy.

Our conscious is an ultra high form of “sacred” energy. Sacred because it is a living energy occupying trillion dollar machines, we call our bodies. Trillion dollar machines designed and developed other time by an infinite intelligence.

An Infinite intelligence that wants to accumulate knowledge… infinite knowledge.

Without our bodies, (these trillion dollar machines) we would all be conscious living energy in formless spheres, like seven billion individual cups of water in an ocean.

Infinite intelligence created everything in one big bang. A theory that is generally accepted as truth by science (except the intelligence part). From formless spheres consciousness in 100% empty space into form, one monumental explosion of life.

The effort was enormous, the focus was tremendous and the design was, well infinitely intelligent! With everything infinite intelligence could muster, this universe exploded into existence setting the stage for formless spheres of conscious energy to take form.

With the purpose of accumulating knowledge from experience, emotions and interacting with each other in unlimited ways.

Evolution is infinite intelligence constantly experimenting with improvements. A tweak here, a change there. Based on ALL the knowledge Infinite Intelligence has accumulated, life evolves.

Life in all it’s forms evolves, offering an infinite combination of unique experiences, emotions and interactions to accumulate infinite knowledge.

Every blade of grass, plant, insect, fish, animal and bird, every domain of life add an inexhaustible combination of knowledge to Infinite Intelligence. In turn this knowledge is used to further evolve all species and add even more knowledge.

Darwin’s theory, “Survival of the fittest” can also be stated (lateral thinking again) as “Constantly improving”. Infinite Intelligence is constantly improving, limited only by the knowledge so far accumulated, the cliche’, “the more you know, the more realize you don’t know” comes to mind.

So “trial and error” is the name of the game on an infinite scale.

Evolution is alive and well in the human race I believe we are on the cusp of a major upgrade, a mental upgrade. The next step currently underway is the building of a powerful, fully aware connection between our trillion dollar machines and our living energy, fully aware of our true nature and the power we have.

The next evolution for mankind currently in progress is our minds.

Like creation itself, building a powerful connection between our trillion dollar machines and our living energy takes effort.

The kind of effort that builds our minds, develops our mind power. The effort may be formidable but the rewards are equally astounding, with enough mind power you can do anything and have anything you want.

The effort required to build your mind power starts by developing your focus. As you focus, your mind power grows, as your mind power grows you gain more knowledge (accessing infinite intelligence). As you gain more knowledge you step closer to your goal of doing anything and having anything you want.

This is self evident, the proof is all around us. As I write the article the 2015 PanAm and ParaPanAm games are on here in Toronto. Ask any athlete if it took enormous effort, focus and the accumulation of knowledge to get where they are and they ALL will tell you it’s true! The same will be confirmed if you ask anyone who has achieved great things.

There is more to “self talk” motivational speakers advocate than just words. But this too is another subject for discussion later. However, I will say that words, when mixed with intense focus and effort generate a very powerful energy.

My book, Lateral Thinking Course A Definitive Guide To Solving The Impossible is a great place to start preparing your mind for more power. you can buy it on Amazon for $10 bucks or grab a complimentary PDF copy at the top of this page.

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