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This Super Simple Lateral Thinking Technique Is The Secret Weapon Behind The Greatest Minds In History!

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Problems are like magic tricks, they baffle our minds until we see how it's done. Then the magic disappears, The solution to problems are always obvious, logical thinking alone just can't see them.
Access A Universe of Knowledge by unlocking the extraordinary power of your imagination to come up with new ideas to real-world problems.
Everyone has a well develop, "logical" left side of the brain. While most people's "creative" right side of the brain (our true source of mind power) sits underutilize. The super simple technique brings 

"There are many ways of carrying out logical thinking, mathematics is one of them. But there are very few practical ways of carrying out creativity which is the purpose of lateral thinking. This technique provides just such a practical way".

Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono
World's Leading Authority On Lateral Thinking

19 May 1933-9 June 2021

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FREE Super Simple Lateral thinking technique

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