About Wayne Russell

Wayne Russell is an Akashic Meditation Instructor and the author of “Lateral Thinking A Definitive Guide To Solving The Impossible.”

He’s also the creator of lateral thinking tools like ThinkTank SFI (Software For Innovation).

His Akashic Meditation instruction, lateral thinking tools, breathing techniques and insight literally transform the way people think about life and the results they get!

Wayne is famous for saying "Look at the world from a different perspective and you'll discover a universe you never knew existed".

Wayne is one of a few meditation instructors who traveled to Thailand, lived with Buddhist Monks and learned the ancient art of Akashic Meditation. Akashic meditation builds mind power to access infinite intelligence through the subconsciousness mind.

Wayne lives in a small town north of Toronto, Ontario where he pursues his passions for living a life unlimited and helping others achieve the same.

This site – LateralThinkingCourse.com – is basically the place where Wayne shows you how to develop your mind power to access Infinite Intelligence. This is the place for him to share what he’s seen, what he’s done… and the lessons he’s learned.

More importantly, this site is about you… how to build your mind power and live a life unlimited by achieving then surpassing your wildest goals and dreams.

P.S. Wayne built this site to be about teaching and inspiring individuals who are looking to take their mental game and results to a much higher level.

From time to time he might link to other resources – books, courses, gadgets, and other things. Some of those links might be affiliate links, or he might get a free widget or book or course (people send him all kinds of free stuff all the time… the amount of stuff coming into his office can get pretty crazy at times!). Obviously, he’s not going to send you to a link if he doesn’t believe in it… but he just wanted to let you know.

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