This Simple Technique Is The Secret Weapon Behind The Greatest Minds In History!

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Problems are like magic tricks, they baffle our minds until we see how it's done. Then the magic disappears, The solution to problems are the same, logical thinking just can't see them without inspiration.
Access A Universe of Knowledge by unlocking the extraordinary power of your mind to come up with new ideas to real-world problems.
Logical Thinking is great for implementing new ideas, but it is ineffective at inspiring them. Learn how the greatest minds that have ever existed or will ever exist get inspired.
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Lateral thinking Puzzles

Solve these Lateral Thinking Puzzles to help develop your creative thinking skills.

Problem Solving Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Have you noticed how solutions to tough problems are obvious once they're found?

Truth is the solution to every problem already exist, someone only needs to think of it.

Lateral Thinking is to creativity, what algebra is to math.

The actual process of creative thinking is lateral thinking. 

Ideas Matter

There is no such thing as a stupid idea, there are only ideas. So work, so won't work but all need to be explored because you don't know where the next big idea is coming from!

What Is Lateral Thinking?

It is impossible to talk about Lateral Thinking without honouring the man who identified the process, Edward de Bono. Edward de Bono describes lateral thinking as a process of creativity. Read More

Lateral Thinking Rants

Here I post random thoughts on a wide variety of subjects. Looking at everything through a lateral thinking lens uncovers alternative ways to solve many of life's problems Read More

Problem Solving Is Not The Problem

Problem solving should not be difficult. The solution to every problem that has ever existed or will ever exist is already available.

You know this to be true because the Read More

Creative Thinking Is Fun By Default

When we are born, our mind is an empty canvas. Full of wonder we start absorbing and accumulating information from the world around us using all our senses. Our imagination is is fully engaged as we try to grasp an understanding.

Lateral thinking

Here's What The Experts Say

Edward de Bono
"Traditional logic is concerned with working out the ideas we have but lateral thinking is concerned with escaping from old ideas and provoking new ones!"

Dr. Edward de Bono
19 May 1933-9 June 2021

"This technique was my secret weapon to a very successful career as a "sought after" world renowned Architect"

Savo Bojicic
13 June 1921-14 Aug 2017

Lateral Thinking A Definitive Guide To Solving The Impossible

Lateral Thinking The Definitive Guide To Solving The Impossible

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Wayne Russell

About the Author

Hi my name is Wayne Russell, I'm a serial entrepreneur. Started my first business at 18 after returning from an arctic adventure on as a "go for" grunt on an oil exploration crew. Yes I am a high school drop out, but I did return after that first business ended. I graduated as an Electronic Engineer. I was inspired to write this book to help people learn how to be better thinkers by incorporating lateral thinking in both their careers and personal life.

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